Do you know the benefits of online credit online?


Simple, fast, cheap: With these three words, the advantages of an internet loan can be quickly described. Internet loans offer you all the advantages of a conventional installment loan – and even more.

They can be applied for online in a time-saving manner, are paid out quickly and, on top of that, are usually significantly cheaper. Today, direct banks offer this clever way of financing and saving money.

Do you know the benefits of online credit online?

Do you know the benefits of online credit online?

Loans from the Internet have become a big hit among consumers in Austria. There are good reasons for this: Internet loans – mostly known as online loans – are simply applied for on a PC, laptop or smartphone. Processing and payment are quick and safe. In terms of flexibility, they can hardly be surpassed.

Furthermore, an internet loan offers unbeatable conditions. The interest rates are 30 percent below those of branch loans. There are also no expensive processing fees or even high additional costs.

In addition to the most innovative technology, all this is made possible not least by the lean cost structures of modern, aspiring direct banks. who has always completely avoided expensive branch networks?

Digital internet loans – apply online and have them paid out directly

Digital internet loans - apply online and have them paid out directly

Simply compare your online internet loan online and apply for it directly from the best provider. All you have to do is determine the required amount, the desired term and the purpose, and then explore the best interest offers with the appropriate repayment in our comparison. All it takes is one click and you immediately have the best offers from our experienced partner banks in mind.

If you have decided on an offer, our comparison calculator will lead you directly to the website of the desired bank. There you can finally apply for your internet loan and after a short check by the bank, you can look forward to the money in the account within a few days.

Online loan application – your secure internet loan without much fuss

Online loan application - your secure internet loan without much fuss

  • Compare internet loans on the computer
  • Select the best online loan directly
  • Submit the application and documents online or by post
  • Perform identity verification via VideoIdent or PostIdent
  • Have Internet loans paid out safely and immediately

Faster and cheaper via the Internet – what makes online loans so popular?

A direct online comparison of conditions quickly shows that internet loans are not only significantly cheaper than the vast majority of branch bank offers. Online loans from direct banks offer you several important advantages:

Very low effective interest rates: Internet financing is always available at the best conditions. Extra low-interest rates and no additional costs or account expenses: With a low effective interest rate, you save on the installment month after month – even with comparatively low financing amounts or with mini and small loans.

Reliable fixed monthly installments: Internet loans are now almost always paid out at fixed interest rates and fixed monthly installments. This protects you from sudden interest rate hikes on the credit market and creates security for your entire financing for years to come.

Free flexible repayment: special repayments, installment breaks or early repayment. Everything is possible at any time with the installment loan via the internet – free of charge. In this way, you can conveniently reduce the term of your online loan and save a lot of costs. Or you can adjust your financing to sudden budget bottlenecks at no additional cost.

Securing, only when it is necessary: Today, residual debt insurance with an internet loan is only compulsory in very few cases, but is possible at any time. However, such additional collateral increases the cost of your financing considerably. A detailed credit check makes it possible to assess risks very well when applying for a loan. A solid monthly income, therefore, makes additional protection unnecessary in most cases.

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